Dec 10, 2011

Thought Question #254

I understand now that my life is okay.  I understand that I am definitely okay single and that I am more than capable of making my own dicisions and standing on my own two feet.  I understand that I do not need a man to make me feel good about myself and that I can really be comfortable in my own skin.  I understand that I am not as unfit and fat as people, or even myself, have said that I am.  I understand that it my choice and my choice alone, to feel the way I feel and to do something about the things that make me unhappy.  I understand that I don't have to be unhappy, that there is a million things I can do to change my mood and that I have a million things to be grateful for.  I understand that friends are not forever and that people tend to break promises and break my heart, a lot easier than I am capable of breaking theirs.  I understand that there are a million and one things I will never understand, and that it's okay, I don't have to.  I understand that loving someone and wanting to be with them, does not necessarily have to include a relationship status on Facebook and telling the whole world about your happiness and your problems.  I understand that I can, and have to, be happy with myself, before I can be happy with anyone else.  I understand that my trust issues are my issues alone and that I have to deal with them in a realistic manner without putting people who care for me through unnecessary sh!t.  I understand that family is forever and that family will always love you and cherish you no matter what they say, or do.  I understand that regrets always come too late and that everyone, one way or another, doesn't cherish and appreciated the things they have in their lives, until it is gone.

I understand so many things more than I did a year ago, and I'm proud of that, but there is still so much to learn, there is still so much to see and do and go through.  Some good and others bad, unfortunately.  But all of it is still part of the process, part of growing up and growing wise.  We all have to go through it, and you know what?  It's not the end of the world, just the end of a chapter, at the very worst.  Life is beautiful and we should really celebrate it more!

What do you understand better today than a year ago??

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