Dec 5, 2011

Our First DIY Project

Gerhard and I have started doing DIY Projects at home... and we love it!  We just can't get enough of it!  Especially him.  I think he's truly found his hobby now.  Finally.

I had this light-wood old bookrack standing in our spare bedroom that just didn't look nice at all.  The thin board covering the back was coming off, seeing as it stapled to the rest of the structure, and the wood was just... colourless really.  So we went and bought some ebony wood stain, sanded down the cupboard and stained it black all over.  We purchased a new backboard for it, and I modge podged it with beautiful wrapping paper and fastened it securely to the back of the structure.  It looks fantastic!!!  I am absolutely in love with my 'new' piece of furniture!  It looks like something expensive out of a store window display to me!

So... what do you think??

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Hillbilly Duhn said...

Beautiful! That's what I think!