Dec 21, 2011

Thought Question #267

I've started a new job.  I've increased my salary.  I've worked hard enough and made enough of an impression to deserve a small bonus and a fantastic increase, considering I've only been working at the place for almost four months.  I've started saving money, and it feels great.  I've arranged my first camping trip and bought the things we need, it's coming up next week!  I'm more stable in my relationships with people, friends and foes.  I'm more stable with how I feel about myself.  I've started doing bootcamp, I'm getting a boxing bag for Christmas and I'm working on my body image, something that helps me and my self-confidence so much!  I went ahead and started building up my Arts & Crafts ROOM, super proud of myself by the way.  I've started with DIY projects with Gerhard, absolutely loving it.  My Crafting Room looks fantastic so far!  And I've got containers and boxes and markers for everything, just have to sort it all out.

There's so much positive in my life, it's amazing.  And so much to be grateful for.  I strongly believe that we create the positive in our lives.  If there is none, you have to make it happen, like I have!  Oh, and... it took me a seemingly long time to figure it all out on my own... that our happiness and our positive things do not depends on other people, as much as on ourselves.

What positive changes have you made recently?
I would love to hear it!

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