Dec 21, 2011

Apparently I'm a "Child Whisperer"

You know like the Dog Whisperer?  Almost like that.  Just with children.  For some odd reason everyone's kid's think I'm the coolest thing ever.  I reckon it's because I like to think I'm also still a child at heart.  I love all the things they love, I still find it fascinating and fun!  Things like playing games, talking about silly things, arts and crafts of all kinds, reading beautiful story books, with passion and enthusiasm I might add, watching cartoons and Disney movies, running around chasing them and tickling them, telling stories and sharing stuff, things like that.

Almost every parent I've come across thinks I'm great, because the children find my so fascinating.  Everyone says I'll make a great mother some day.  I'd like to think so too... but I guess we won't know until it happens.  I want kids, don't get me wrong.  I love kids.  I'm just kinda worried that I'll be one those mothers who are really, really strict and mean.  I'm sure I won't be, but the possibility is there isn't it?  Especially once they get older, like tween and teen stage.  I've been there.  We all have.  It's hard.  We all take chances and make mistakes and LIE to our parents and get away with murder, and some of us get into some real serious trouble with some of things, or something bad happens and we're traumatized for life and and and... it all kinda depends on that stage of life huh?  It really, really scares me, you know?  The things I hear that young kids and teenagers are getting up to these days?  Yes, I know.  I already sound old.  But I'm not.  I mean I should know about most of the things.  But I guess, with all the partying, drinking, smoking and flirting I did...  I never got into serious situations and dangerous things.  I was so protected.  And open-minded, might I add.  I really hope my kids will be able to make the same, or no BETTER decisions than I did.

Otherwise... yes, I'll definitely be one of those overprotective helicopter mom's.  But in a good way.  I hope.

So... if you're a parent... what 'kind of' parent are you??

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