May 20, 2011

Thought Questions #141

Yes, I believe there is.  But of course, it all depends on what you're giving up on.  Giving up on your dreams, I'd say, is a big No-Go!  Always try your best to follow your dreams and make it happen for you.  Giving up on life - Never!  It's always worthwhile.  You just don't always see all the beauty in the word, and all there is to be grateful for.  Giving up on people - No!  Giving up on certain relationships or friendships... sometimes necessary.  For both parties.  As my dear friend Jean-Marie would say - Sometimes you just have to be the stronger one and cut all ties.  Sometimes you have to be the stronger one and make the hard decisions.

And sometimes, you just have to let go.

What do you think?


michael said...

Hmm. I think you're right.

There are times to let go.
There are times to move on.
There are times to give up.
But there are so many things worth holding on to, worth fighting for.

You've got a smart head and a good heart, Maryke. And I hope those are two things you never give up on. :)

Ella Unread said...

Once again, your words are helping me heal...I've been through some stuff I put myself into lately and now that everything has tumbled...idk...I just couldn't sleep but after reading these posts of yours I feel a little guilt free and maybe, just maybe, I did what I needed to do in order to cut the ties. Thank you Maryx. I luv you :)

Maryx said...

Thank you Michael =)

And it's a pleasure Ella. I'm so glad I could help. It's the hard things in life that are the most necessary and heals us the most. You'll get there, I promise. =) *LOVE*