May 20, 2011

The Sand & The Waves

I had an awesome time on my little holiday. I spent the first week with Gerhard and friends, mostly Grietjie and then Eunice and the kids as well. We went to this really old Museum of Natural History. We went to the movies. We went to Gold Reef City Theme Park. We lazed around at home. We went to the shops and we had take-out. We went horse riding. We relaxed. I loved it.

The second week I got really lucky... my aunt and her husband took me with them to Natal on holiday, a place called Banana Beach, for the whole week, with them and their kids, as well as a family friend. I had a ball of time! I even got the chance to see Shannyn and her family who now lives by the coast. Oh how I missed her! And still do! We went out partying one night. We went for walks. With my own family I had a ball. We spent our days on the beach on the sand, in the sun and in the waves.

I actually raked up the guts to show my chubby little body on the beach in a pink bikini! I could hardly believe it myself! It felt great! I didn’t care what people thought of me and I just went for it! I lay in the sun and I went swimming and I played in the sand... and I loved it!! I got a tan, I got slapped around by the waves and I went for long walks. Oh and don’t forget the million and one photo’s that we all took. (Mostly of my youngest niece, of course. It was her first time on the beach!)

I feel rested and calm. I think the sun, sea and surf did wonders for me. I went back to work... friendly! Hahahaha!

If you don’t yet know this by now – I’m in love with the ocean. It’s been a life-long romance and it’s been mostly long distance. I hate it, but it’s okay. I appreciate it so much more every time. If only I could make it more often... =)

I still want to move to Natal. I’m still sure I don’t belong inland. But hey, everything can’t happen at once huh? Sometimes, things just don’t happen as you want it to, immediately, for a reason. But it will happen, of that I’m sure.

I will post some photo’s of my little holiday soon, I hope!

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