May 20, 2011

Contagious Doubt

I wish people would learn that this is more true than anyone could ever explain in words.  Lying is… ridiculous.  Everyone lies, I get that.  I lie.  You lie.  They lie.  It’s natural.  It happens.  For various reasons.  But before you lie… think about the consequences.  And think about the people you are lying to and about.  The truth always comes out.  Even if you convince yourself it never will… I promise you it will.  One way or another.  Maybe not now.  Probably later.  But another promise I can make is that if it comes out later… you’re in much bigger trouble than if it comes out now.  And it hurts so much more, later, than it would, now.


michael said...

Hmm. I think lies are necessary. They keep us from going crazy.

Certain truths need to be told, I agree, but if we were aware of so many of the heart-breaking facts of the world, I think we'd all be too depressed to function...

Then again... There are still some good things. Like Santa Claus. No one messes with that guy. He still brings me presents every December. :)

Maryx said...