Nov 5, 2010

November Ranting

I'm so annoyed lately! I'm so easily irritated! I don't know what's happening but I feel... somehow different. It feels like a good thing, though. It feels like a relief. I can't really put my finger on it.

There's this guy trying to wriggle himself into my life by buying me or something, I'm not sure what he's playing at but I'm really not interested in him!! It's my own fault, I know. I got a bit tipsy with the guy and we kissed. And he loved it. I liked it, at the time. I don't, anymore. I've seen him since. We've gone out for lunch and he came to visit and we watched movies... but I just can't! He's super annoying!! His whole personality and the way he sees things annoys me! Then why can't I just tell him to buzz off?! Good question... I'm too nice. I keep being rude to him because of him. I keep biting him sh!t. But for some reason he just doesn't see it. He just keeps on being nice to me. But why?! Urgh!

I'm rambling. I know that. I'm not feeling well. I've been really sick for almost a week now and it's horrible!! And no, not the flu. Gastroenteritis. Yeah, figure that one out. I've been throwing up and spending a lot of time on the toilet. Not anymore though. Eventually there was nothing to let out anymore because I wasn't able to eat anything substantial. And when I finally was, or thought I was, I ate the wrong thing and blocked up everything. Brilliant! I was in so much pain yesterday I thought death was around the corner!! But alas, no such luck... Today I'm feeling quite a bit better, but the doctor has put me on this crap diet to keep my system running smoothly. I can't just eat anything because it either makes everything runny or everything blocked up. I'm only allowed to eat Provitas (full-grain biscuits), rice cakes, dry toast, plain yoghurt and certain fruits. To drink, I'm only allowed Coke, apple juice, Energade/Powerade and water. WTF?!

If that isn't enough... my car is falling apart AGAIN!!!!
You can see why I'm so annoyed and irritated, huh?! The bloody thing (that I btw really want to drive off a bridge or something) cost me (or rather my very generous family who I wouldn't be able to live without) another R3000 this week. My mother and I couldn't afford it, so my uncle gave us the money, coming from my grandmother and her brother. Major Grapevine happening in our family!! What would we do without them?! We're gonna be paying it back though.

And don't get me started on my financial issues...

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