Nov 3, 2010

Another Breaking Point

Everyone's breaking point is at a different level I suppose. Yet we all have one. I've wondered so many times if I've reached mine... but every time I seem to come out of it okay. Nothing major. I survived. Mostly. But every time you come that close to your breaking point - that's when the scarring happens. That's when you can kinda say (much later) "Been there, done that", and not have minor panic attacks thinking about it. Sounds strange, huh? I'm sure it does.

I've reached my breaking point on multiple levels. Relationship levels. Life levels. Financial levels. Family levels. Friendship levels. Work levels. Emotional levels. Am I missing something? Probably. I don't know. I've been tried and tested in various areas of my life, although, I know, not as far as so many other people. I know I'm fortunate. I know I have to count my blessings because I have so much to be thankful for. I can complain, but it won't come close to what other people are going through. It's nothing, compared.

Makes Me Think...


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

So true. Whenever I reach my breaking point I just have to have some me time to think, reflect, and decide how to go about things.

Jordan said...

Awh, I hope you're ok :)