Jun 11, 2011

Thought Question #153

Silence, to me, can convey sadness, disappointment, secret love and pain.  Silence can convey a lot of different things in different situations.  I have been staying silent about certain situations in my life for a long time now, in the hopes that it might make me the better person.  I don't know if that sounds selfish or something but the way I see it is that when people say horrible and mean things to me, I have the choice to respond in the same way they attacked me, allowing them to pull me down to their level, or to keep quiet and not say anything, maybe even pray for them (I didn't think those words would be coming out of my mouth).

I choose the latter.  I don't have the need to hurt people the way they have hurt me.  I'm so shocked and disappointed by so many people, it's ridiculous.  Sometimes I wish I didn't trust people as much.  Sometimes I wish I could just have a delete button and delete those people, those feelings and those memories.  But hey, everything teaches us, right?  Everything happens for a reason.  Of that I'm sure, even if I'm not always sure what those reasons could be.

What do you think?

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