Jun 11, 2011

My Little Books

I have these little books that I write things in.  Quotes.  Things to remember.  Motivational Pieces.  I like to keep at least one of these little books with me at all times.  They help me.  It's my own silly little thing to do to motivate myself.  It helps me to stay positive.  It helps me to think more clearly about decisions in my life.  It helps me not to make rash decisions and it helps me to calm down about drama in my life.  And you know what?  It really works.  For me, at least.

Another thing that helps, I found out, is my religion.  I'm building on it.

I wish I could share it with other people.  I want to.  I have before, but they just brushed it off it seemed.  I guess what works for me doesn't always work for someone else.

What do you do to keep yourself positive and helps you through hard times?

1 comment:

michael said...

Huh. That sure sounds like a fun thing to do, and a good way to live life.

And, I agree. Religion can definitely be a force for good in the world, especially if one's beliefs and involvement in the faith make him/her a better person. I don't know how much your religion has influenced you, but you're a pretty kind and caring person at heart, so I'm sure it's done something good along the way. :)