Dec 24, 2009

Merry Fcuking Christmas. Now leave me alone until next year.

(Late Post. I know. Get over it.)

I've kinda been feeling like this over the 'Festive Season'. I feel like I'm boxed in. I want out. And I want out NOW. If you didn't know... I fcuking
hate Christmas. Why?! I honestly don't know. But all these flashing lights, jolly songs, decorations, presents and gift wrapping is driving me insane!!! How do you people do it?!

This isn't normal for me, might I add. I don't know what's come over me but I have a theory... My grandfather passed away just before Christmas last year. So Christmas 2008 was a blur for me. It was an aching, sore, avoid-everything blur. This year... it's progressed. Into hating Christmas. Is that even possible? It's not that I hate Christmas itself. I hate the fuss around Christmas. It seems to me that everyone has forgotten what Christmas is all about. It's NOT about pretty lights and decorations, it's NOT about the carols or the singing, the presents or the gift wrapping, or even the neatly decorated tree or Santa Clause! Do you even realize that?!

Sorry. Does this mean there's something wrong with me? I used to love Christmas. What happened? HAHA! I'm repeating myself.

I still hope ya'll enjoyed it... TAKE CARE

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