Dec 15, 2009

Dear Boyfriend

It's true... You have stolen my heart.
And I hate it. Why do I hate it? Because I'm a damn push-over when it comes to love and the butterflies and hormones are taking over, I'm sure of it. I don't like being so vulnerable. I don't like falling so hard for you. I don't like the uncertainty.

But I do like all the things you tell me. I do like all the ways you make me feel. I do like it when you call me beautiful and kiss me as much as you can. I do like the way you touch me, the way you look at me and the way you hold me. It's almost like I'm the Treasure you've been waiting for your whole life and now you just can't let me go... You really do appreciate me don't you? You really do know what you have in me don't you?

I truly hope so My Love...
I'm so tired of hoping. Wishing. Praying. Working on relationships. This time... I don't have the fighting power. This time... I'll just give up. Without a fight. Without a word. Without a second glance. Although I don't want to... I really don't want to. Not this time. Not with you.

Only Time Will Tell


Raj said...

You really do know what you have in me don't you?
um...theres something about this line i find unnerving.

Maryx said...

Well I might as well blow my own horn... no one else will!

Do share? Unnerving?

Raj said...

thats true. :)

um...nothing about the unnerving really just something scary my freaky imagination cooked up.