Jun 30, 2012

Thought Question #413

I try my best not to take things for granted, but obviously we all do.  Like when I complain about stiffness in my muscles, or my shin splints that hurt so much... I tend to forget that someone without legs would give anything to have mine, even with the pain, at least I can still walk.  We don't think of how blessed we are to be able to use our senses, because so many people can't.  I see a flower in the garden as I pass by, and hardly notice, but for someone who can't see... that flower is a spectacular little miracle full of life and colour.  I don't appreciated music as much as most people do, but what does the music mean to the people who can't hear it?  I know a guy who lost his sense of smell when he was a young boy, he wants only to be able to smell the fire burning, the freshly baked bread, the rain, the plants, nature, the world.  And here I am complaining about my hair smelling of wood fire after enjoying a drink with a friend the previous night, next to a cozy outdoor fire.

We don't appreciate all the things we should in our daily lives.  We don't appreciate life and the people in it, enough.  I guess we assume it will always be there.  Remember, anything can happen.  Appreciated what you have and what you're capable of.  Please....

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