Jun 4, 2012

I'm not a Rich B!tch

She thinks that my new, better job and higher salary means that I have much more money to spend on things... like their engagement party.

Irony... because lately I've been feeling as if people have been treating me differently since I started working at this new place and getting better money.  And it's gotten even weirder since I bought a new car.  I mean, I keep telling myself I must be imagining things and that it's probably just something in their own lives, but I swear, different people have been treating me in different ways ever since.  It's like they think I have money to spend now.  On anything I want.  I wish!  I really wish I could say that the things I have to pay before being able to spend my own money, is still in the bracket that it used to be, but it's not.  I'm paying more tax.  I'm paying more on my medical.  I'm paying provident fund and I'm paying more on UIF.  I'm paying a car now, including the top-up cover policy for the car, the Sky Track system and of course the insurance.  I'm paying the Internet in our house to cover rent, and the rent has gone up.  I'm paying my clothing account and my electronics account.  I hit a pothole with my car recently, so I have that to pay out of my arse (I had to borrow money for it), not to mention the wheel alignment and balancing necessary after replacing the wheel too.  I pay boot camp.  I pay life insurance and retirement policies.  I pay insurance for my cellphone, my jewelery and my laptop.  I pay my petrol and my airtime for my cellphone.  Then, of course, at the end of the day, I am trying my bloody arse off to save money.  And lately, it's been close to impossible.  I have unexpected things to pay, too.  Like physiotherapy for my shin splints.  The wheel.  Speeding tickets.  Things like that.  I hate it, but I have to do it.

If I say I don't have money to spend, I'm not lying.  Yet, she thinks I am.  I guess that's why she's not talking to me.  Unless we unexpectedly see each other somewhere, like at The Oyster, Food and Wine Festival yesterday, which by the way, she also probably also thinks I paid for, I'm guessing.

And it's not just them, there's a few others who treat me differently as well.  I don't get it though, did I change in some way since I started the new job?  Did I change in a bad way?  Because, I talk to other friends for example, and they don't think I've changed, unless being happier counts as changed.  But me?  I'm still the same person, I just have more responsibilities and priorities.  But it happens, doesn't it?  Life gets more serious, life goes on, life throughs us curve balls and life is short.  We have to adapt and survive.  We have to think of ourselves and our own finances, too, because no one else will.

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