Jun 16, 2012

Thought Question #404

Love and Kindness, I think.  We assume it's out there and it's everywhere.  We assume everyone has it in them, but really people are pretty selfish beings.  We hear about people helping the needy all the time, we hear about rescues and we hear about love and kindess towards those who genuinely need it.  But then, we hear about murder, rape and suicicides.  Where was the love then?  I have to wonder.  Maybe it's because recently I've been wathing the series Criminal Minds.  And yes, it's disturbing.  The psychopaths out there are disturbing.  Scary disturbing.  It just makes me want to take it all away.  It freaks me out that people don't think, don't care eough, to take of one another.  It freaks me out that parents destroy their kids, in so many different ways, and don't do something about it.  A lot of things freak me out, probably because, once again, I don't understand any of it.

What do you think is there not enough of?

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