Jun 26, 2009

Enter At Own Risk

The days are flying past, getting closer to my birthday. I've organized an awesome party on the 18th of July for my birthday. On the farm. In nature. In winter. In tents. Shame, my poor guests.

The party will start at 12 noon on 18 July and carry on 'till the next day of course. The food of the day is 'Biltong Pasta Potjie' (Believe me - You WANT this recipe!!). Guests have to bring their own tents, mattresses and bedding if they want to sleep over, or they can rent a chalet close by for around R500, sleeping 4 people in a spacious chalet. There will be a cash shooter bar (ppl bring their own drinks) with cheap shooters for sale, the profit of which I will use as my birthday present. My friends, on who's farm the party will be, built me a Boma for the event! (Bigger than the one in the link though,with a cool bar on one side). It looks absolutely awesome. To me. And obviously that's all that matters. Coz I'm the birthday girl. HAHA!!!

Anyhoodle... so I've been working really hard on getting the invitations out to the guests. There's about 50 odd people invited. But frankly I don't care if I end up with 10 people or whatever, as long as I enjoy it, which I will. With the people I love. Coz I only invited the closest people. Those who actually mean something to me.

We're going to play Boeresport during the afternoon, of course ending up with shooters for the winners. For those who don't know - Boeresport includes games like climbing into a huge bag and jumping to the finish line in it, tying two people's feet together (one foot each of course) and having them run three-legged to the finish line, throwing eggs between eachother and hoping it won't fall, throwing waterballoons at each other and hoping you can catch it nicely, rope pulling...etc. Stupid little games like that, which always turns out to be alotta fun and hysterically funny!! Especially after a couple of drinks! (Personal Note: DEFINITELY keep cameras handy)

Question: So what do you think of the plans and how was your 21st??

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