Aug 17, 2012

Shitty Shins

Does anyone have advice about dealing with shin splints?  I have a severely shitty case of shin splints.  Okay, not a case.  It's not a case.  It's a challenge.  A constant bloody challenge.  And I hate it.  It hurts okay?  Badly.  I love my bootcamp.  Running.  Jogging.  Jumping.  Boxing.  Kicking.  All the stuff I can't actually do, without hurting myself even more.  I can't even wear high heel shoes anymore!  Come on!!

Shin Splints: Definition
Shin splints refer to the sharp pains that occur down the front of the lower leg. They are a common complaint, particularly among runners and other athletes.

Shin Splints: Description
Shin splints may refer to a number of lower leg complaints and injuries. In most cases, shin splints refer to the pain that results from overload on the tissues that connect muscles to the shin bone (tibia). They also may come from the small bone of the lower leg and ankle, called the fibula. The medical term for shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome.
Next to ankle sprains, shin splints are probably the most common complaint of injury to the lower body. Most shin splints occur in the front (anterior) portion of the tibia; some also occur in the inside of the leg along the tibia. Runners probably suffer shin splints more than other people, but they also occur in people who play basketball and tennis and those who walk long distances, particularly on treadmills.
Shin Splints: Causes and symptoms
The most common cause of shin splints is overdoing activities that constantly pound on the legs and feet. This may include sports with many stops and starts, running down hills or other tilted surfaces, or repeated walking. Simply training too long or too hard, especially without proper stretching and warm-up, can cause shin splints. People with flat feet, high arches, or feet that turn outward may be more prone to shin splints. Shoes that are worn or don't provide proper foot support also add to the problem.

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