Sep 13, 2011

Thought Question #224

Yes and no.  I like the town I live in, Centurion.  I like the country I live in, South Africa.  But of course, like all places, there are good things and bad things.  Centurion is nice because it’s right in the middle of Pretoria and Johannesburg, which makes it easy to work in either place.  Centurion is a friendly town as well, with a lot happening and a lot of great places.  It’s sort of… quiet.  And I like that.  Even though it’s not the quietest town in SA, by far!

South Africa is an amazing country, with so much history and heritage, so many places to see and so many things to do, all over the place.  But then again… there’s that crime thing.  It’s not as terrible as the news says it is, but it’s bad.  Oh, and the “Apartheid” thing… is a myth.  Just so you know.

What about you??

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