Aug 9, 2011

Thought Question #203

My faith, my religion, my life and my sanity.  Sounds strange huh?  I have been working on, and thinking about, my life in general, about my faith and how I can better understand religion, myself, life and other people.  I’m getting better and I’m getting stronger almost every day, even if I hit a speedwhobble sometimes.  So is life.

My work has also been on my mind, as I’m starting with a new job in a month’s time, and at the moment I am busy training a girl to be able to do my work.  Lynette is taking my place and the new lady will be working under her, which is great and all... if only she could snap some of the work!  I’m busy losing it, slowly.  I know I’m probably just impatient, but I’m really close to ripping her head off, or something.  I keep explaining things over, and over, and over again.

Okay... calm the F* down Maryke.

Where is your mind wandering lately?

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