Apr 4, 2011

Thought Question #130

I don't know...



michael said...

Because you care.
Because you're beautiful.
Because you're a true friend.
Because you answer questions honestly.
Because you make a difference in this world; you impact others in a way no one else can.
Because you see the world in such a wonder-filled, dream-like light.
Because you make people laugh.
Because you make people smile.
Because you make people feel like the world is filled with little, everyday miracles.
Because you are proof money can't buy happiness.
Because you are proof love exists.
Because you want to help others.
Because you celebrate the good days.
Because you make people feel better on bad days.
Because you let people know how you feel.
Because you ask people how they are feeling, as well.
Because you teach people things.
Because you make people think.
Because you make people see the world differently, from the very moment they meet you.
Because you provide some people with a reason to live.
Because you hold on to your inner child.
Because you make the best pencil-sketches I've ever seen. (Really! They're awesome!)
Because your poetry inspires people.
Because you show everyone around you the impossible is possible.
Because your life is one of the best stories I've ever had - and ever will have - the pleasure of reading through.
Because there is no one else like you.
Because you make everyone around you feel special.
Because your friends and family and everyone else who loves you in your life sees just how amazing you are.

And because, one day, you'll see just how special and worthwhile you are, too. :)

You matter more than everything else in the world. So, please don't ever think you don't.

Maryx said...

Urm... Wow *blushing* =D

You just gave me the biggest smile I've managed to have in a long, long time... Thank you M

michael said...

Thank YOU.